Most die rolls made in the game will be skill rolls. They define the knowledge and competency of your character.

Characteristics represent the innate mental and physical abilities of a character. What they learn through training and experience, however, is represented by Skills. Acolytes may begin acquiring the basic building blocks of Skills at a very young age, when they first enter an Ordo to begin training for a life of service in the name of the Emperor. The paths taken by acolytes are as varied as their teachers within the Ordo, so even two acolytes of the same class within the same Ordo can have different Skills, albeit with a common base of training.

Like Characteristics, Skills are ranked from 1 to 10. A rank of 1 in a Skill indicates that a character has been introduced to the most basic principles of that Skill, whereas a character with a rank of 10 in any given Skill is either one of the greatest masters in the galaxy, or a supernatural being or xeno of some sort.

When a Skill Roll is called for, it lists the Skill first, then the Characteristic being used for the particular roll. A call for an Acrobatics/Agility roll, for instance, would require a player to roll a total number of dice equal to his character’s ranks in the Acrobatics Skill and Agility Characteristic, and to keep a number of dice equal to the character’s Agility Trait.

Skill Rolls


Unskilled Rolls

Skill Name (Advanced or Basic)

Note – in order to use Advanced skills, the character must have trained in at least 1 rank of that skill. Certain abilities may override this for particular skills or skill groups.

Subtypes: Subtypes

Emphases: Emphases

When making a Skill Roll, if the character has an Emphasis that applies to the situation requiring the roll, he may immediately re-roll any dice that result in a 1. This may only be done once per roll. For example, if a character with Kenjutsu (Katana) 3 and Agility 2 is making an attack with a katana, he rolls 5k2 for the attack and gets 1, 1, 4, 6, 8. Because he is using a katana and has the Katana Emphasis for Kenjutsu, he immediately re-rolls the two dice that resulted in a 1, getting a 1 and a 7. He would then presumably keep the 7 and the 8, for a total of 15. The die that rolled a one the second time would not be re-rolled.

Description: Description

Mastery Abilities:

  • Rank 3: Rank 5 ability.
  • Rank 5: Rank 5 ability.
  • Rank 7: Rank 7 ability

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Hive Skills

Interaction Skills

Lore Skills

Movement Skills

Practical Skills


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