Not all Damage is lethal. Exhaustion, combat trauma or swapping licks with bare fists can all leave a character battered, but more or less intact. Fatigue measures the amount of non-lethal Damage a character can take over the course of game play. Characters gain Fatigue from certain types of attacks, Grappling, forced marching and other Actions which push them beyond safe limits. A character can take a number of levels of Fatigue equal to his Toughness, so a character with a Toughness of 4 can take four levels of Fatigue. Should a character take a number of levels of Fatigue in excess of his Toughness, he collapses, unconscious for a number of minutes equal to 10 – Toughness.

Characters suffering from Fatigue are at a –1k0 penalty to all Tests.

Removing Fatigue

If left alone, Fatigue goes away in time. Each hour of rest which includes no combat, no Psychic Powers and nothing strenuous, removes one level of Fatigue. Eight consecutive hours of rest remove all levels of Fatigue.


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