Weapons and Armour


Primitive Weapons

Accurate: The first raise used on a called shot counts as two raises.
Balanced: Add weapon skill to armour TN in Full Defense stance.
Blast X: Anyone in blast radius is hit.
Flame: Doesn’t use Ballistic Skill, just hits anything in the template.
Flexible: -Xk0 to rolls for Full Defense stance against this weapon. X is wielder’s weapon skill.
Power Field: Raise: Destroy enemy weapon if it does not have Power Field
Primitive: Non-primitive armour is doubled against these
Recharge: Cannot be fired in a round after firing.
Reliable: Harder to jam.
Scatter: Each die that explodes in the attack roll counts as an additional hit at short range. Armour bonus doubled at long-extreme range.
Shocking: May make any number of raises to give an enemy -XkX for their next round where X is the number of raises
Snare: On hit, target must pass an Agility Test against the hit roll or be immobilized.
Tearing: 9s and 10s explode for damage
Unbalanced: -2k0 unless in Attack stance
Unwieldy: Cannot use in Full Attack stance

Name Damage Keywords
Axe 2k3 Rending Medium, Unbalanced, Primitive
Axe, 2 Handed 0k4 Rending Large, Unwieldy, Primitive
Club 0k3 Impact Medium, Primitive
Flail 1k1 Impact Large, Flexible, Primitive
Knife 1k1 Rending Small, Primitive
Quarterstaff 1k2 Impact Large, Balanced, Primitive
Shuriken 1k1 Rending Small, Primitive
Spear 2k2 Rending Large, Primitive
Sword 2k2 Rending Medium, Balanced, Primitive
Warhammer, 2 Handed 5k2 Impact Large, Primitive

Chain Weapons

Name Damage Keywords
Chain Axe 3k3 Rending Medium, Tearing
Chain Sword 3k2 Rending Medium, Tearing

Power Weapons

Name Damage Keywords
Power Blade 4k3 Energy Medium, Power Field
Power Sword 4k3 Energy Large, Balanced, Power Field

Shock Weapons

Name Damage Keywords
Shock Maul 4k3 Energy Large, Shocking
Electro-flail 4k3 Energy Medium, Flexible, Shocking


Las Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Laspistol Pistol 30m 2k1 Energy 30 Small, Reliable
Las Carbine Basic 60m 2k1 Energy 40 Medium, Reliable, RoF: 2
Lasgun Basic 100m 3k1 Energy 60 Medium, Reliable, RoF: 3
Long Las Basic 150m 3k1 Energy 40 Medium, Reliable, Accurate
Lascannon Heavy 300m 5k3 Energy 5 Large

Solid Projectile Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Autopistol Pistol 30m 2k1 Impact 18 Small
Stub Revolver Pistol 30m 2k1 Impact 6 Smal, Reliable
Stub Automatic Pistol 30m 2k1 Impact 9 Small
Hand Cannon Pistol 35m 2k1 Impact 5 Small
Autogun Basic 90m 2k1 Impact 30 Small
Hunting Rifle Basic 150m 2k1 Impact 5 Small, Accurate
Shotgun Basic 30m 2k1 Impact 2 Small, Scatter, Reliable

Bolt Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Bolt Pistol Pistol 30m 4k1 Explosive 8 Small
Boltgun Basic 90m 4k1 Explosive 24 Medium
Heavy Bolter Heavy 120m 2k2 Explosive 60 Large

Melta Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Inferno Pistol Pistol 10m 4k2 Energy 3 Small
Meltagun Basic 20m 4k2 Energy 5 Medium

Plasma Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Plasma Pistol Pistol 30m 4k1 Energy 10 Small, Recharge, Overheats
Plasma Gun Basic 90m 4k1 Energy 20 Medium, Recharge, Overheats

Flame Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Hand Flamer Pistol 10m 3k1 Energy 2 Small
Flamer Basic 20m 3k1 Energy 3 Medium

Primitive Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Bolas Thrown 10m 0k0 1 Small, Primitive, Snare, Inaccurate
Hand Bow Pistol 15m 1k1 Rending 1 Small, Primitive
Flintlock Pistol Pistol 15m 2k1 Impact 1 Small, Primitive, Unreliable, Inaccurate
Musket Basic 30m 2k1 Impact 1 Medium, Primitive, Unreliable, Inaccurate
Bow Basic 30m 1k1 Rending 1 Small, Primitive, Reliable
Sling Basic 15m 0k1 Impact 1 Small, Primitive
Crossbow Basic 30m 1k1 Rending 1 Medium, Primitive


Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Grenade Launcher Basic 60m 6 Medium
RPG Launcher Heavy 120m 1 Large


Name Class Range Damage Keywords
Frag Thrown SBx3m 2k2 Explosive Small, Blast 4
Krak Thrown SBx3m 4k2 Explosive Small
Blind Thrown SBx3m 0k0 Small, Smoke
Photon Flash Thrown SBx3m 0k0 Small
Hallucinogen Thrown SBx3m 0k0 Small
Fire Bomb Thrown SBx3m 2k1 Energy Small, Blast 3

Exotic Weapons

Name Class Range Damage Clip Keywords
Needle Pistol Pistol 30m 1k1 Rending 6 Small, Accurate, Toxic
Web Pistol Pistol 30m 0k0 1 Small, Snare
Needle Rifle Basic 180m 1k1 Rending 6 Medium, Accurate, Toxic
Webber Basic 50m 0k0 1 Medium, Blast 5, Snare

Weapons and Armour

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